Terms and Conditions


There will be make up classes in the event of:

  • Outside temperature above 35°C
  • Washouts 
  • Hazardous air quality
  • Child is sick or injured (must provide doctor's certificate)

A make up class MAY be given if the player*:

  • is away on camp
  • away on holidays

*This is strictly providing the parent has notified the Director of Tennis with at least a week's notice. If there are no spaces in other suitable classes then a make up class will not be given. 




Tennis presents certain inherent risks and hazards, which the Player-participant and parent/guardian are urged to consider and which the Player assumes.
In registering my son, daughter or myself, I understand and acknowledge that such recreational activities have inherent risks, dangers and hazards, foreseeable and unforeseeable, that may result in injury, illness, or property damage, and on behalf of myself, my family, agents and contractors, I hereby release and agree to hold harmless Ascot Vale Tennis Academy, its sponsors and its coaches, managers, club officers and directors, from all claims, actions, or losses related thereto. The Ascot Vale Tennis Academy assumes no liability for injury or damage arising from the results of participation in any of the programs offered.


Participants are able to cancel their private lesson providing they give at least 8 hours notice prior to the lesson. 

If the participant cancels within:

  • 4 hours notice a fee of 50% will be invoiced
  • 2 hours notice a fee of 75% will be invoiced 

If the participant does not show for his/her lesson then they will be invoiced the full cost of the lesson.


We at the Ascot Vale Tennis Academy require that parents and children of parents not registered in the class stay off the courts while lessons are being conducted. When parents or siblings are on court players and coaches can get distracted causing a major safety concern. 

In addition, we strongly encourage parents and carers to not coach their child/children from the sideline during lessons or during competitions. Parents should leave the coaching to the coaches who have been hired for that role. 


We will give every child equal opportunity in our classes and we guarantee to treat your child/children with respect during the term. We do expect that children behave in an appropriate manner where they do not risk the safety of their fellow classmates or the coaches delivering the class. If a participant becomes too disruptive in a class he/she will not be allowed to continue participating in the class. A refund for the remainder of the term will be made to the parent.


In the unlikely event that AVTA does not get paid for services they deliver we will be using a debt collection company to collect the fees. If you do have issues paying the fees due to unforeseen circumstances please discuss this with the Director of Tennis. 


AVTA may take photos or video footage of participants in programs for marketing use on its website, social media, or other advertising material.