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Red Ball Hot Shots 5-7 years of age

Red Ball Hot Shots is delivered on a small court with red coloured balls that have 25% compression. The slightly larger ball and lower bounce provides the children with a better opportunity to start rallying. Please click here to view video.

Orange Ball Hot Shots 7-9 years of age

The Orange Ball classes use orange balls that have 50% compression thus allowing for a slightly higher bounce than the red balls. The court used is bigger than the red court and players should already have an ability to rally over the net using appropriate grips. Please click here to view video

Green Ball Hot Shots 9-12 years of age

The Green Ball classes use green balls on a full court. The green ball has 75% compression and hence bounces higher than orange but lower than yellow balls. We use a full court for the green stage and kids should be able to use appropriate grips on all strokes including the serve. Players  should be able to rally, they should be able to score and they should be able to move around the court efficiently. 

Yellow Ball 13+ years of age

This class is designed for teenagers and players who are already playing club competition for either the Ascot Vale Tennis Club or any other clubs in the area. The main focus for these classes will be to teach children more about the tactics of tennis as well as reinforcing good technical habits.

Junior Performance

These classes are designed for players who are playing competition in the Northern Suburbs Junior Tennis Association. In addition, this class will be ideal for players who are competing in local and interstate junior tournaments.